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MemeInvestor is a r/MemeEconomy reddit bot that can help you invest in memes and make a fortune out of it!

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This is an open source project. Feel free to contribute to it by visiting the github page
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Market active since 2019-01-21

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Top Investors

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A red number next to the username indicates the number of times the user has gone bankrupt.


To invoke a command, reply to either the top-level u/MemeInvestor_bot comment in the comment section of any r/MemeEconomy post or to one of its subsequent replies to your command comment. For a more detailed list of commands, invoke the !help command.
commands that are not direct replies to the bot will be ignored

The bot has the following commands:

  • expand_more!invest AMOUNT
    Invests AMOUNT (can be percentage or integer) in the meme (post). 4 hours after the investment, the meme growth will be evaluated and your investment can profit you or make you bankrupt. Minimum possible investment is 1% of your balance or 100 MemeCoins, whatever is higher.
  • expand_more!balance
    Returns your current balance. You can also view this data by entering your username here
  • expand_more!broke
    Invoke this command when broke (no active investements and balance below 100 Memecoins) and your balance will become 100 Memecoins.
  • expand_more!active
    Returns a number of active investments. You can also view this data by entering your username here
  • expand_more!top
    Returns the top 5 meme investors. You can view the full leaderboards here
  • expand_more!firm
    Returns information about your firm (if you are in one) as well as your rank in the firm.
  • expand_more!joinfirm FIRM_NAME
    Joins the firm with the given name. If the firm is private, you'll have to be invited by one of its leaders first.
  • expand_more!leavefirm
    Removes you from the firm you are in.
  • expand_more!help
    Returns a detailed list of commands, including more advanced commands not listed here.

Investment Behaviour

The return on your meme investment is determined by two values: the meme’s upvote count when you invested, and the meme’s upvote count four hours later.

For an exhaustive description of the meme market's inner workings, please see our extremely professional academic paper, which was published in all the most prestigious peer-reviewed meme journals:

Step 3: PROFIT! A Numerical Analysis of ROI in /r/MemeEconomy

Note: Markets are volatile! The investment return formula is subject to change at any time.

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