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What is MemeMarket

MemeMarket is a meme focused website designed to bring humour to the world, to provide a fun and safe place for people to share their passion about memes and to support Memes as they evolve into the Web3 world. We provide a Meme generator, Meme Events in a Play-2-Earn style gaming model with options to earn rewards for creative prowess, chat functions and in the future we will be offering an NFT minting service, NFT Market place, a Utility Token launch, and possibly also a DAO.

What is a Meme Event?

Meme events are a style of skilled gaming where you can create orignal memes and win rewards.

What Meme Events are active right now?

Browse the meme event listings to see what events are active right now and which are coming up soon.

Who can participate in Meme Events?


Can I copy other peoples memes?

No, only original memes are permitted for entry into Meme events. Copying other peoples work is not fair play. You can use other peoples templates, but you cannot copy/paste a meme created by another person.

How do I Create Memes?

Check out our Meme Generator to make memes.

Does it cost money to play?

No. Participating in most Meme Events is completely free. Some higher level events however might require you to use some of the points you received through the free events in order to access.

What if someone is being rude or spamming?

Contact a Moderator to report the person who is being rude or spamming. Then block them from seeing your profile.

How do I contact a Moderator?

Message Moderator in the chat area. You can also join our Discord and chat to mods there too.

How do I claim my rewards?

Check your points balance to see how many Coins you have earned, then visit the Points Store to spend them!