Community Guidelines

Family Friendly

Meme Market is generally a family friendly platform and does not tolerate NSFW (not safe for work) content to be uploaded to the platform. The definition of family friendly and NSFW are subjective, therefore Meme Market provides a base minimum guideline and allow the community to self-moderate content using a voting system.

The base minimum definition of family friendly and NSFW shall be represented by a list of content types which are not allowed. The challenges involved with preventing the upload of content which violates these rules are substantial, however the removal of such content after it has been uploaded is relatively easy. This means there will be instances where unacceptable content is uploaded to the platform and we will rely on community members and site administrators to help identify and take appropriate actions to have such content removed as quickly as possible, while identifying and in some cases permanently banning site users who violate Meme Market terms.

The minimum baseline of content which is not permitted on the platform will likely evolve and expand over time to include other items, and thus far includes;

  • Explicit sexual intercourse
  • Explicit nudity of a sexual nature
  • Explicit use of illegal drugs
  • Explicit hate messaging
  • Explicit fear mongering
  • Glorification of violence
  • Glorification of self-harm
  • Glorification of racism

Original Memes

Original memes are those which have been created by a user. A new meme may be created from an old template and adding new text or images overtop. Copy and pasting memes which were created by other users on Meme Market or from other internet sources is considered re-posting and is not an original meme.

Content Moderation

Each meme and subsequent user generated comment to memes added to the platform will have a flagging feature which site users may activate to flag any meme or comment at any time. A threshold will be established and re-worked on-going to automatically remove memes and/or comments based on a minimum quantity of user generated flags.

Site users who demonstrate extraordinary ability and proficiency in flagging content will be granted special site privileges potentially including but not limited to; bounty rewards in the form of Meme Market tokens, special site user role permissions, inclusion into inner circle company discussions via private discussion channels, exclusive NFT’s and/or potentially more.