1. Have fun!
  2. Wholesome Memes only - no NSFW content
  3. Play nice - don't be a jerk, troll, spammer etc
  4. Public use - no self-promotion/company-promotion
  5. Be Friendly - if people ask you for help...then help :)
  6. Respect copyrights - if an image owner asks to take down their image, then take it down
  7. Help us improve - give us constructive feedback!

Meme Creation Events & Meme Template Creation Events

Site users may create meme event or meme template event. Only original content created by site users will be recognized as valid entries to events. Entries to events will be monitored by the community in a self-policing model. Users violating event terms will be educated on entry terms, warned, and/or potentially banned indefinitely from the platform for repeated misbehaviour.

The creator of a meme event will select whether the event will be a public or private invite only event, and whether a prize(s) will be awarded to the winner(s), and also a prize pot will be distributed to a group of winners, or if there will be no prize at all.

The event creator will select and enter a theme, title, description, as well as start and end dates for the event. The event creator will have limited administrative permissions to monitor memes entered into their event including functions such as; approving or rejecting memes and talking with participants via group chats.

Any site user may enter any meme event at any time that a event is active. A site user enters a event by way of clicking on the event they would like to enter and then creating memes which follow the rules and guidelines determined by the meme events creator.

Training Grounds & Minimum Account Verification

Training Grounds represent a limited set of site functionality access to new users. The purpose of Training Grounds is to teach new site users how to succeed on the Meme Market Platform. New users will be able to access certain site functionality and product features and will be granted full site access after having completed the Training Ground requirements.

Training Grounds will have a designated event leaderboard to give new site users the full site experience within a training capacity, and to measure their success against other new site users. After completion of the Training Grounds requirements, site users will be granted access to full site functionality and no longer be able to participate in Training Grounds events.

The following items will be required by all new site users in order to complete the Training Grounds;

  1. Be a creator; Upload 5 original memes that adhere to our minimum quality guidelines
  2. Create good content; Receive 50 upvotes
  3. Be Respectful; achieve zero inappropriate meme flags by community members which are validated by moderators
  4. Be friendly to other site members; achieve zero inappropriate comments flags or any other site flags by community members which are validated by moderators
  5. Participate with the community; upvote your favorite 100 memes
  6. Be patient; wait minimum 7 days from account activation

Maintaining Active Status

A certain amount of minimum account activity must be maintained in order to have access to certain site areas and site functionality. A short list of these activity items is as follows;

  1. Participate in at least 1 event per month
  2. Create and upload at least 3 memes in total per month
  3. Upvote your favourite minimum 10 memes per month
  4. Maintain a total community flags total of 0

User who fail to maintain their account status will be removed from certain site features and functionality until such time as they meet the minimum requirements.

Introduction to image copyright

The spirit of image copyright is to recognize and enforce individual property rights as it pertains to image creation and the contents of that image. The simplest example of this would be to imagine; an image of your face started circulating the internet. Now imagine that for any number of several potential reasons you absolutely did not want that image to circulate and you want it taken down. What recourse do you have? In countries where image copyright is recognized, your best course of action would be to seek and understanding of enforcement policies so that you can take appropriate actions to protect your rights to an image of your own face.

Copyright Protected Content

Image use and copyright related subjects represent a long standing and major issue across the internet without a viable solution having been yet presented by industry professionals or regulators.

Meme Market recognizes the use of popular images is inherently a part of popular and widespread use meme culture. Laws and regulations regarding general and specific copyright related subjects often differ and conflict between jurisdictions and regions depending on a loosely defined set of variables.

Meme Market commits to adhering to a strict and effective take down policy. The take down policy shall include an easy and transparent way for any individual or entity to claim ownership over an image and request to have it taken down. The claimed owner of an image must submit indisputable proof of ownership over the image with their request and the site user who posted the disputed image shall be presented with an opportunity to respond to the take down request claim. Should the evidence provided by the claimed owner of content be indisputable or the site user who posted the disputed image not respond in a timely manner to the dispute then the disputed image will be removed from the platform indefinitely. The take down reporting and responding process shall be dealt with in a timely manner.

False claims of ownership of an image can result in a user being banned from the platform for life and shall be addressed on a case by case basis.

Have Fun!

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After all these words, the most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun. This site designed to bring laughter and positive energy into the world and to benefit everyone.


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