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Place, Japan

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Place, Japan

Place, Japan refers to a meme format in which two identical things, one ordinary and one of specific origin, usually Japanese, are compared against each other, with the latter version finding a much better response. The format has been used to comment on the fetishization of Japanese culture and usually features Soyjak. In February 2020, an anonymous 4chan user posted an image comparing photographs of a town area in the United States and a photograph of a city street in Japan a /pol/ thread, both filled with many business signs and outdoor advertisements. The images are accompanied by Soyjak, with the character getting excited about the Japanese street despite the similarity. Starting in July 2020, the image gained further spread on 4chan. Following the viral spread of the image, more versions of the meme were created by users, with images comparing ordinary versions of various products and cultural phenomena against Japanese analogues. The meme is erroneously known as X japan meme, place japanese meme, japanese analogue place meme, compare place japan meme
place japan meme X japan meme place japanese meme japanese analogue place meme compare place japan meme
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