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"Carl!" is a quote often shouted by the character Rick Grimes when addressing his son Carl in the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which is often mocked online for the frequency with which it occurs on the show and for Grimes' variable pronunciation of his son's name. The two panel screenshots of the scene are often used in various different contexts, ending with 'Carl!' The template has been used for revealing information to dad jokes. The show's protagonist Rick Grimes and his son Carl were introduced in Season 1 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead titled "Days Gone Bye," which originally aired in October 2010. Rick is known for constantly yelling out his son's name in different pronunciations, including a popular variant of the meme, 'Coral'. The meme is erroneously referred to as Hey Carl meme, Rick Grimes crying meme, The Walking Dead carl meme, Walking Dad Jokes meme, hey coral meme.
Carl meme Hey Carl meme Rick Grimes crying meme The Walking Dead carl meme Walking Dad Jokes meme hey coral meme
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