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Thighland refers to a mispronunciation of Thailand made by Donald Trump during a campaign event in Ohio in early August 2020. The gaffe caused Twitter users to parody his statement with photoshopped images of Thailand and criticize his statement directly after the mispronunciation that he likes Thailand's leader. In August 2020, Donald Trump made a series of speeches in Ohio. That day, the Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez tweeted, "In Ohio speech just now, Trump pronounced Thailand 'Thigh-land,' before correcting himself" to which Twitter user @therecount responded with a video clip of the moment. Soon afterwards, a Twitter user captioned the Trump Yelling At Lawn-mowing Boy image with references to his pronunciation, followed by another Twitter user posting an image of a raw chicken thigh photoshopped over the map of Thailand the very same day. The meme is erroneously known as trump thailand thighland meme, trump thighland meme, trump pronounces thighland meme, thighland map meme, thailand trump thighland meme, thighland map trump meme
thighland meme trump thailand thighland meme trump thighland meme trump pronounces thighland meme thighland map meme thailand trump thighland meme thighland map trump meme
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