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Crying Boo

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Crying Boo

Crying Boo or Scared Boo refers to a series of memes based on a reaction image of Monsters Inc. character Boo crying. First gaining spread among Spanish-speaking users on Facebook in 2017, the format regained popularity online in March 2021 with subformats in which Crying Boo drives a car and plays video games. In November 2001, Pixar animated film Monsters Inc. was released featuring the original character Boo seen in the meme. Starting approximately in early March 2017, a still image of Boo crying and shying away gained popularity as source material for memes among Spanish-speaking users on Facebook. In January and February 2021, the new subformats of Boo were edited into driving a car and gaming. The meme is erroneously known as boo crying meme, monster inc boo crying meme, boo crying monster inc meme, pixar boo crying meme, boo tears crying meme
crying boo meme boo crying meme monster inc boo crying meme boo crying monster inc meme pixar boo crying meme boo tears crying meme
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